Olive oilWow Robin, I can’t believe it’s been over three months and I have not had to reach for the Prilosec! I am excited to report that I have three categorical take a ways from my sessions with you that will be with me now for life.

The first and most important one is smaller portions at every meal, drinking water some time before eating (maybe 30 minutes) and not during to keep my stomach from being stretched and I eat six meals starting with breakfast being the largest portion and dinner being the smallest.  Also, I never eat within two hours of lying down.

Second, I plan my food well in advance starting with the weekend shopping spree and making sure that I have healthy snacks for periods during the week when I may be too busy for a meal.  Seeds have become my new friend and almonds are a staple.  Cow’s Milk is totally out. I can’t believe how sensitive I am  to butter.
When I eat out and the kitchen mistakenly uses it on my dish, I know right away.  People in neighboring tables will hear my stomach as it angrily complains! Cane sugar is out….. this was the hardest for me even though I’m not a sweet eater it shows up in surprising places, so now I’m a label reader for life- Sugar will make me almost nauseous.

Last don’t take for granted that it’s all about portions and what you put into your body.  I finally went back to using a straight razor and I can’t believe how my skin looks. No more bumps or rashes I contributed to the razor lube strip that was loaded with an allergen of mine.  I’m also happy to be using an inexpensive and sustainable product as a replacement.

I’m still feeling great and my workouts are better than ever.  I contribute that to lean muscle mass and proper fuel. We have to eat to live and trust me I’m still a foodie. Last night a Gluten free beer (before dinner), crab claws dipped in a yummy E.V.O.O. and crunchy Green Beans.  Cici-

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