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This year it’s all about eyebrows! Well-sculpted eyebrows frame your face and help you look your best. But do you know what shape is ideal for you? Like haircuts, eyebrow shapes aren’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Your perfect brows depend on your unique face shape and dimensions. Find your ideal brow shape and you can look younger, accentuate your best features, and minimize makeup use.


To start, determine your face shape to see what brow look is the best for you. You can always look up your favorite celebrities with your same face shape to get an idea of what those brows could look like on you.



  • Face is almost as wide as it is long
  • Face is widest at the cheeks

See: Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence


For round face shapes, you want to elongate the face with the help of brows. Brows should be in a high arch shape, which follows a straight line to the peak of the brow for more vertical lines. Avoid rounded brow shapes.


  • Forehead, cheekbones and jawlines are all about the same width
  •  The squared jawline is the most obvious feature

See: Rihanna, Natalie Portman, Lady Gaga


Experts recommend those with square-shaped faces should have thick, strong-arched brows. Strong brows will help soften your heavy jawline and balance it out. A defined sharp peak at the top of the brow will help them appear sharper, to create a nice balance.


  • Forehead, cheekbones and jawlines are all about the same width
  • Face gracefully tapers to a narrow oval chin

See: Meryl Streep, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian


For long faces, a straight, medium thick brow with a subtle arch helps draw attention outward instead of up and down. Focus on extending the length from left to right, instead of a high arch.


  • Forehead is wider than the chin
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Face gracefully tapers to a narrow chin

See: Julianne Moore, Kate Middleton, Tina Fey


Oval faces need angular arches that stretch outward to the temples. But luckily, ovals can handle any eyebrow shape due to their versatile look.

Now you’re ready to rock your best brows. If you’re unsure of the best eyebrow shape for your face, talk to our salon experts. We’ll help you determine your ideal brow to accentuate your features and make your selfies pop. Come in for an eyebrow maintenance service today.

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