pills Can I heal my scarred esphagus and eliminate reflux medicine by eliminating food and chemicals that cause my body to react?

I have a bad case of reflux and wanted to get off my $85 dollar per month prescription.  I thought about what may change or be taken away from me if I went on a strict regime.  I was scared of failing.  My life and career with Natural Body should demand wellness as the first and conscious choice for all activities in my life, but that is not always the case.  Being human I sometimes chose the wrong path and my taste buds get the better of me and my digestion.

Ok, first week in and I LEAP’d into a life changing way of eating. “Eating to live” not “living to eat.” As a foodie my lifestyle was finding that next best recipe, chef, and or ingredient to stimulate my demanding palate. A taste obsession more than a food obsession.  Could I possibly be reprogrammed?  Let’s see?

So finally the bad Cici lost the driver’s seat and the awake Cici took on the program LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet Program- Food Reintroduction.  LEAP for Lifestyle Eating and Performance.  My Nutritionis,t Robin Benardot, RD, LD, CLT (with  http://www.benardotnutrition.com) met with me and learned about my lifestyle, wrote down some notes, explained what I was about to undertake and tried to read my level of commitment.  Soon I was heading down the street to have my blood drawn and then introduced to most food groups, flavor enhancers, and chemicals through a Mediator’s Release Test or M.R.T. to calculate a report of reaction levels.

What? High Reactions to Codfish, Saccharine, and  Amaranth (old world grains).  When do they get introduced into my diet?  I’m off into a mad search through my cabinets to find my toothpaste is the worst offender loaded with the deadly stuff.  Yeast and Mushrooms?  Oh my!  No more Growlers and Morrell foraging is out? Boo! Ok I can- I can- I can do this.  Off to buy Jason or Tom’s toothpaste, spinach and lots of it, turkey breast meat to roast with olive oil, salt and pepper only:( And for desert, goat yogurt with blueberries and maple syrup.

Four days in and I’m beginning to taste my food in a way I had not in a long time.  Every layer was newly detectable, the olive oil and now cumin can be added.  The simple baked potato tastes like candy to me -is that possible? Was I making my beautiful food too rich?  I didn’t see the cane sugar in my sunflower butte…..r oops didn’t see that one which caused amajor setback.  I felt like—- well low “E” all day short for ENERGY blahh!  Next day no caffeine head ache finally lifts and I’m a new woman.

Well, I’m excited I just ended day 10 and took my initial symptom survey and dropped 21 points of symptoms and ended my reflux medicine with no side effects.  Back to see Robin tonight and to add more food to my simple list. This should be exciting.  For those of you who are clients of our facial team, I have now been off coffee for two weeks and my face pores are remarkable smaller!

Please watch for Robin Benardot’s response next and a follow up blog from me in 10 days. Happy Spring!


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