Introduction to Meditation
Facilitated by Becky Butler, LCSW

beckybFriday February 7 (7-9p) & Saturday February 8 (10a-3:30p), 2014

This blend of Buddhist and Taoist meditation practice helps quiet the mind and heightens our awareness of the energies that move within us.  It gives us a means of working with emotions that arise and allows us to use our spiritual energies to assist ourselves and others.  As we practice, we are  increasingly able to access a deep and nourishing state of stillness.

This introductory class is appropriate for first-time meditators, as well as for those who have meditated in other traditions and would like an introduction to this practice. The class begins on Friday evening February 7 (7-9p) and continues on Saturday February 8 (10a-3:30p).  Fee is $140.

Class size is limited.  Contact Becky with questions or to register.


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