ciciYippy!  I ended my second week and learned a lot! It is not just the allergens that bother my esophagus, but also food combinations and the time of night I eat.

This week I introduced some new foods. Robin suggested that I try foods on their own first to determine if there is any response and when possible have it raw. Almonds and corn, awesome-popcorn, Susie cakes and almond butter.  I’m  newly excited!  Errr a sweet taste started to come up and I worried about scaring my newly healed esophagus, ugh.

Ok,  I can do this…. corn cakes and almond butter are low on my list of allergens,  so what is causing the old issue to come back?  Slow down…back up…almonds first and raw. Ok not bad at 6 almonds.  Add some more and yep that’s it.

Try Susie cakes on their own and all is well.  Add almond butter back on and it comes back.  Cool!  That’s what it’s all about; eliminate and reintroduce.  Ok, I can be in control of my digestion.

Fun foods are beginning to be added into my program and I’m loving it. No reaction to mango, pears, salmon with a maple glaze all good and delicious simply prepared or raw. Quinoa with olive oil, walnuts, and crunchy sea salt. Yum, I’m getting the hang of simple foods.

Here is my favorite:

  • 2 cups green peas,
  • 1/2 medium yukon potato,
  • 2 tablespoons Tuscan Olive oil from Strippaggioevoo,
  • Maldon sea salt, pinch of cracked pepper.

Poach potatoes in veggie stock (3 cups, I made my own with vegetables  in my plan) slow boil 15 minutes  and add peas at end for 2 minutes after reducing down to simmer.   Ladle out potatoes and peas in bowl to slow cooking process,  let cool and then blend in food processor.  Slowly add in veggie stock to desired thickness. Serve with cracked pepper, drizzle olive oil, pinch sea salt, and garnish with small scoop of plain goat yogurt and sunflower sprouts.

Fourteen days in and I’m a grilling machine.  Salmon with maple glaze and grilled zucchini.  Spinach salad now with roasted beets, tomatoes with turkey bacon -no issues and fun foods! Good news:  my jeans are bagging off of me even after a week with no extreme exercise.

I’m looking forward to my body composition analysis and even checking my blood pressure tomorrow at Benardot Nutrition.

Please watch for Robin Benardot’s response next and a follow up blog from me in 10 days.  Happy Spring!