Natural Body has been natural long before it became the mainstream thing to do. In 1989, Cici Coffee started the first Natural Body to provide natural and nurturing services and products to her clients, while helping the environment. Over two decades later this vision is stronger than ever.

We are very proud that Organic Spa Magazine recently recognized us as being one of the Top 10 organic spas in the country. Our commitment to our customers and the environment really does set us apart from the crowd.

How would you know that we are a green spa?

When you step into a Natural Body spa all of your senses will be engaged in our soothing environment. We bring a natural approach to all of our massage, aesthetic and anti-aging treatments, and provide our clients with the best natural and organic products in our retail area.

Other aspects are not so recognizable such as low-flow plumbing, renewable power purchased to offset energy consumption, LED lighting, no VOC paints, all flooring is recycled, and all laundry and cleaning products are biodegradable.We are the first spa to in the United States to design our spaces with the highest level of LEED certification.

We want you to see and feel our commitment to creating new and exciting ways to promote natural beauty and wellness. We treat our staff with thoughtfulness, integrity and kindness and they in turn, pass those good feeling on to all of our guests.

We believe that wellness is an ongoing process, not a procedure and support our clients taking a whole body approach to their well-being. We understand lasting change can take time, but once achieved, can have greater sustainability than quick fixes. We have had the privilege of taking care of several generations in the same families that came to us when we were first starting out.

We are proud to see our intentions recognized, and are confident that our natural, noninvasive and preventative approach to wellness is the safest and most enduring partnership you can choose.




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