dr bhatia OCT2013I know you all have your lists of resolutions, but I invite you all to begin my 10-Day New Year challenge. The New Year is a great time to cultivate new habits and start with a clean slate. For many of us, the weeks of holiday parties and festivities have also meant lots of unhealthy eating. Take my 10-Day Health Challenge to start your year on the right foot. Encourage your family, even your children to join.

electronics_imgDAY 1: DISCONNECT
Try a digital detox. Turn off phones, computers, Ipad and TV’s for a day. We are too connected and often cannot be present for our loved ones with the constant interference from our gadgets. Take a walk outdoors, play a board game, read or find a new hobby or passion. Our brains crave diversity in activity, just as our guts require diversity in food.

Take a break from your phone

-Dr. Taz Bhatia MD, a board certified physician, Founder and Medical Director of the nationally recognized Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine is a highly respected specialist in the practice of integrative/holistic medicine, anti aging and regenerative medicine, pediatrics, women’s health and emergency medicine.  She is an Assistant Professor at Emory University in Preventive/Integrative Medicine.

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