storm quoteEvents – sometimes stormy – are fleeting; these words from Alice remind us to add intention to those events.

“No one gets through life without being challenged. It’s the best way to grow and change. In general, storms do pass, even as you worry this will never end. In the midst of a storm, it’s understandable that you are only looking to get through it. If you can bring the perspective of learning to the experience, you may sometimes find some peace even as the storm rages. Afterwards, it’s critical to look back to take in all that you learned– make yourself aware of how you are stronger, more compassionate, more willing, more whatever. Even in moments of stress and worry, I try to give thanks– and then to also give thanks when things are going smoothly. Opportunities to grow are everywhere, all the time. If you pay attention to what you are gaining, you may calm some of the windiest storms.”

– Alice Frankin

Alice Franklin explores the human spirit using architectural design, art, and archetypes revealed in meditative practices to express the energetic link and natural beauty that surrounds us all. To find out more about her art and meditation, visit

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