courtney morrisonFrom time to time, we’d like to share the messages of some of the many voices in our world, in the hopes that sharing their message and the lessons they learn on their life journey will help you on yours. Courtney Morrison is an every-mom who takes time on her blog to think of the world at large and how she – and we – all fit in.

The Woman in The Mirror, by Courtney Morrison

It really does start right here.  Cliché it is and yet take some time to remind yourself that the only person you can truly change is you.  When we forget this we waste precious energy trying to do otherwise!

Whether we are talking about world peace, our husbands, our wives, our emotions, our children, our work-anything that we would prefer to be different, the only real and lasting effect we can have is to change OUR perception of it and response to it.

Feel fortunate if you have allowed yourself to see that ANYWHERE you find fault is a reflection of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you hold about YOURSELF.  When you are feeling genuinely good about yourself, don’t you see good all around you and vice-versa?  Everything has both aspects so you can find good or bad in every planetary, universal thing.

Which aspect we focus upon in any given moment is our choice alone.  The fortune on my tea-bag yesterday was “Gratitude is the open door to abundance.”  No matter what is happening, there is always something for which we can be grateful.  The more we train ourselves to find that something, the fuller we will perceive our cup to be.  Our perception is OUR reality.  It dictates our happiness.

I have allowed myself at times to go to the place of despondency about world conditions.  You know, violence, poverty, GMOs.  And yes, all these things exist, yet some would argue that we are living in the most peaceful time in the history of the human race and poverty has been DECREASING globally.

I believe we are more likely to contribute and achieve if we feel hopeful.  Sometimes we must search to find the thing to be thankful for or hopeful about and in that effort, we improve upon the ease with which we will see it the next time.

I don’t advocate ignoring social struggles, but acting and helping where one can and feeling good about the improvements that are being made.  No one benefitted from my crying about Japan’s earthquake, but someone did benefit (however small) from my donation to relief efforts.  If I want something to change, I must take action toward it, change my perceptions about it, or let it go if I want to feel peace.

And after all, peace must begin with me.

Courtney Morrison is a holistic life coach who blogs about philosophical, emotional, and spiritual tools and insights while sharing the personal stories that led to their discovery.  You can find her on Facebook as Choosing Love and on Blogger at:

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