Cici's lost pounds of fat.

Cici’s lost pounds of fat.

I have learned new eating habits that I hope to keep for life. I feel great and I have not had reflux in 10 days. My digestive system is working like a charm!  Simply said, my new eating habits are upside down from what my routine has been for more than 4 decades.

During the last ten days I have concentrated more on portions and planning than my limited ingredient choices of the last month. It is most important to plan the days diet at the  beginning of  the day with thinking about my dinner and what my food choices are leading up to that meal.

I prepare portions that start with more volume at breakfast and eating within one hour of getting up, lunch and dinner get progressively smaller as the day folds. Focusing on this task is so important for reversing my condition as stomach acids are at their highest in the morning. I learned this important step after I mistakenly ate late and heavier a few weeks ago and immediately noticed the reflux” YUK”  came back. I was having huge strides of no discomfort leading up to my next appointment with  Robin.

In my  next session I was disappointed that a food group that had not created responses prior newly created irritation and  confessed to Robin my larger than usual food consumption -late.  Robin, unflinching, described my stomach like a water balloon that was hanging low when  filled with food material such that the stomach opening is stretched and in my case leaked acid.  Wow! Gross! But now I celebrate that I know what not to do. I can hear my Mom saying “don’t do that” before I get to the last bite.  Now my little voice says, “don’t put it on your plate!”

My new favorite meal is a protein bowl;  lentil’s stewed with leeks, garlic, and tomatoes, (salt and pepper to taste).  Add, cooked Farro grains on top.  Drizzle EVOO, (extra virgin olive oil) and a poached runny egg on top. I create two portions  smaller than usual and eat one meal in two sessions. I never feel tired after a meal and with good planning rarely feel hungry.

This week is “Celebrate Your Accomplishments” at Natural Body on so I will celebrate mine.  I am in control of my reflux, I have dropped 6 pounds most of which is body fat, and my doctor won’t refill my reflux medicine  until I come in to see her. I don’t need it anymore anyway!

Please watch for Robin Benardot’s response next and a follow up blog from me in 10 days.  Happy Memorial Day!


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