yinyangcartoonIs this message saying that you are never free of your dark side? I prefer for it to help me remember that you just can’t have the yin in life without the yang. No light without dark. No soft without hard and no cold without hot. No quiet without noise, and on and on… If we only had the good in life we wouldn’t be learning very much. Often it’s the challenges that teach us to find and appreciate the blessings; thus, the difficulty becomes a blessing. An important way to learn what’s beneficial is to recognize what’s detrimental. We can commit to what’s helpful by refusing to engage in what’s harmful. Learning discernment is an important part of growing spiritually such that we learn to identify exactly how our impulses, reactions, and desires effect us. We know both good and bad but put our attention and energies toward the good.
– Alice Franklin

Alice Franklin explores the human spirit using architectural design, art, and archetypes revealed in meditative practices to express the energetic link and natural beauty that surrounds us all. To find out more about her art and meditation, visit www.alicefranklinstudio.com

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